Monday, November 9, 2015

Copy Room Makeover!

As we all know, teachers spend plenty of time in the copy room! Since so much teacher time is spent in this particular room, I thought it deserved to look "pretty"! I asked my principal if any funds were available to spruce up this part of our school and he said yes! So my wheels immediately started turning as I tried to come up with a nice "theme" for this space. So where does one go when inspiration is needed? Why Target of course! I found myself in the Target Dollar Spot as soon as I entered (well that's not entirely true... I hit up the Starbucks counter first!). I found these adorable teacher goodies and knew that I wanted to incorporate them into the prettied up copy room!
I couldn't find my original picture so I snagged this from my instagram!
I wanted to incorporate something else with the chalkboard and the tan/wood accented Target goodies screamed BURLAP to me! So I quickly set to work on chalkboard/bulap teacher quotes signs to hang around the copy room. 

These cute little black chalkboard clipboards
were also one of my finds from Target!

I wanted to use the little clipboards to hold photos of each grade level team. I decided to make a staff bulletin board with them. I had an old cork bulletin board already. I sprayed it blue first. Then I got thick burlap ribbon from Hobby Lobby to create a border. I just used a hot glue gun and went down and up with the ribbon as I glued it to the frame. I finished it off with a black burlap flower in the corner and love how it turned out!

I created a second bulletin board to put some of my teacher quotes on.
This one has black fabric as the background to coordinate with the chalkboard clipboards!

This corkboard is from Target! I loved the pattern and thought it would
coordinate well with the chalkboard/bulap look I was going for!

If you'd like your own chalkboard/bulap teacher quotes to add inspiration to a space in your school click the image below!

If you have a less than "pretty" space in your school, see if there are funds available to do some decorating!