Thursday, August 27, 2015

Managing Papers....from school to home!

I use take-home folders every year as one way to communicate with families. I'm always trying to think of ways to improve this form of communication between home and school.  I want my first graders to be able to manage the contents of the folders. My students are in charge of bringing their take home folders back and forth between home and school. They stuff their own folders at the end of the day. They turn their home work in every day from their folders. They bring me their lunch $ from their folders. And last but definitely not least, they complete the daily check-in page at the back of their folder. Read on to find out more about each part of my take-home folder system!
First, my team decided to purchase 4 pocket folders from, pictured below.
We loved these folders for so many reasons! First, there are 2 extra pockets inside these folders. We wanted to make one pocket for lunch $ envelopes and another pocket for our school lunch menu. The right and left side pockets would be used for papers we send home and homework. Then on the back, there is another spot to put something. This is where we will keep our "daily check-in form." Finally, we loved that you could slide a cute cover in the front!

I created editable Melonheadz covers for my folders this year. My pack includes 9 different editable covers to choose from!

As pictured here, the cover slides right into the pocket!

The bring right back pocket is where students put their math homework or important notes that need to COME BACK to school! I used this system last year and it really works!
The to be left at home pocket is where we send home finished/corrected school work. Students know that this pocket should be empty each day!

These can be easily printed onto Avery 2x4 labels

This is new for me this year! I'm hoping that my students will not come up to me in the morning with a $5 bill saying, "here's my lunch $!" I'm hoping parents will read this label and follow through! I will be one happy teacher this year :)

Simply print these on Avery 2x4 labels and stick!

This is new for me this year. I created it because I was tired of having students keep a book log, math home-work check in sheets, and a behavior calendar. I'm hoping that this new DAILY CHECK IN page will help keep students organized and keep everything in ONE SPOT!

I also included an editable DAILY CHECK IN page in this pack.  I made the headers blank so you can type in what you need!

Click on the cover below to see this in my store!