Friday, June 26, 2015

Ready to Go.... lesson planner done!

Feeling pretty prepared for the fall after finishing my very first lesson planner! I normally purchase one from TPT but always find that I don't need very much. I just like the basics... so I figured I better make one! I purchased a pink/gold glitter pack from Sonya DeHart a while ago for a dedication party I helped my friend with. I loved the pink & gold colors so much I knew I wanted to create something for my store. I love how it turned out!
The cover is editable... I used fun glitter letters I have for my name!

I added a quote to the back of the inside cover, then the lesson plans divider is up next!

This is the inside of the back cover... another teacher quote :)

Back cover

Lesson plans spread with days along side, editable subject headers along top

Calendars divider page

Monthly calendars July 2015-July 2016

Birthdays divider page

Keep track of student birthdays on this 2 page spread. You can add your own text boxes to type in names.... I just write mine in to make it easier!

Student checklist divider page

2 page spread to make class checklists 

Usernames and passwords divider page

I made this page front and back because I have so many!

Meeting notes divider page

Copy as many of this page as you think you'll need for those weekly staff meetings!

Because I made this planner for me, and didn't go crazy with making it 100 pages with tons of options, I made this planner very affordable. It's only $4.00 in my store! First I went through the file and wrote down how I wanted things to be copied (back to back, more than one copy, etc.)  Then I took the file and my printing notes to my local UPS store where they color copy for teachers so CHEAP.... 25¢ per copy!!!!!!!! So this whole thing cost me $11 to copy! Also, I copied the lesson plans pages in BLACK AND WHITE from my printer at work to save $$$$$$. There's no need for all of these pages to be in pretty color! Once my copies were in order and ready, I took them to a FedEx store and had it bound for uner $4. I did have the cover and back page copied on cardstock for durability. Then I laminated just those pages from home. The result is a pink/gold glittery custom planner. Click on the picture below to check it out in my store! I hope you find it's all you need to get you through the year!

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