Monday, June 1, 2015

Parent Volunteer Gifts!

 Every year I spend lots of time searching Pinterest for new parent volunteer gifts. This year I found an adorable, easy, and affordable gift to give. For 12 volunteers, I spent $25.00 on all of the supplies. I made Lemon Sugar Hand Scrub jars (see pictured below).

I followed the tutorial found here to make the lemon sugar scrub. This is also where I got the cute lemon sugar scrub circle tags for the tops of the jars.

Ingredients: lemons (zest), coconut oil, lemon extract, sugar, and mason jars (squatty small ones)

To personalize this gift, I created my own "helping hands" tags to attach to the jar. They are editable so you can put your name at the bottom. These tags are available in my TPT store for free here!

Try out this easy & affordable gift for your parent volunteers!

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