Saturday, June 27, 2015

Organizing Curriculum

I'm always searching for the perfect way to organize curriculum to make planning time easier! Although our entire district urriculum is housed online, I like to have a hard copy at my finger tips for lesson planning. Logging into the system, searching for the subject area, and then locating my units takes too much time.  For a while I bound my reading and writing units seperately, but found that they ended up all over my desk area in different places. I wanted to organize my language arts units so that reading/writing units went together and were easy to find.

I decided to put unit 1 reading/writing together, unit 2 reading/writing together, and so on. Although I feel like I have a zillion binders...I ended up putting the units in binders! Of course I had to create some cute to look at binder covers and spines... Click on the picture below to check out these editable binder covers in my store!

Six different melonheadz covers and matching spines  to choose from and edit :)

Now I can easily grab the reading/writing units at a glance!

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