Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Make Your Masterpiece TPT Challenge!

Even though I'm not officially participating in the TPT Seller Challenge, I decided to jump on board with this week's challenge. It really motivated me to get this little freebie up and ready to share with all of you!

This freebie contains all you'll need for a completely allergy friendly day to celebrate the birthday boy/girl! I loved the idea of having a "birthday in a bag" for just the special birthday boy/girl. Included in this freebie is:

* a birthday in a bag letter to parents explaining what they need to do for thier child's birthday in a bag

* birthday in a bag tags to stick to bags (color & black and white versions)

I also like to send the birthday boy/girl home with a special birthday card book from their classmates. So.... I also included the following in this freebie:

* an explanation page of how to use the Barenaked Ladies song "If I Had a Million Dollars" to create a fun and memorable birthday book from the class

* a happy birthday booklet cover (color & black and white version)

* a "If I Had a Million Dollars" page for students to fill out (compiled pages get stapled inside cover booklet above)

I hope this freebie helps make things easier for you in your classroom as you celebrate birthdays!

Click on the picture below to snag a copy from my store. Don't forget to follow my store so you can get updates on future freebies and products!

Thanks to the following ladies for doing this fun challenge!

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