Tuesday, June 30, 2015

7 Days til Baby SALE!

I'm so excited to be throwing a week long sale to count down the days until our baby boy arrives! Each day a different product will be 50% off and will remain that way until my scheduled C-section. So if you happen to miss a day, you'll have time to take a peek and see if it's something you could use for your classroom and still get it on SALE!!!

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The countdown begins tomorrow... July 1st :)

Make Your Masterpiece TPT Challenge!

Even though I'm not officially participating in the TPT Seller Challenge, I decided to jump on board with this week's challenge. It really motivated me to get this little freebie up and ready to share with all of you!

This freebie contains all you'll need for a completely allergy friendly day to celebrate the birthday boy/girl! I loved the idea of having a "birthday in a bag" for just the special birthday boy/girl. Included in this freebie is:

* a birthday in a bag letter to parents explaining what they need to do for thier child's birthday in a bag

* birthday in a bag tags to stick to bags (color & black and white versions)

I also like to send the birthday boy/girl home with a special birthday card book from their classmates. So.... I also included the following in this freebie:

* an explanation page of how to use the Barenaked Ladies song "If I Had a Million Dollars" to create a fun and memorable birthday book from the class

* a happy birthday booklet cover (color & black and white version)

* a "If I Had a Million Dollars" page for students to fill out (compiled pages get stapled inside cover booklet above)

I hope this freebie helps make things easier for you in your classroom as you celebrate birthdays!

Click on the picture below to snag a copy from my store. Don't forget to follow my store so you can get updates on future freebies and products!

Thanks to the following ladies for doing this fun challenge!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Organizing Curriculum

I'm always searching for the perfect way to organize curriculum to make planning time easier! Although our entire district urriculum is housed online, I like to have a hard copy at my finger tips for lesson planning. Logging into the system, searching for the subject area, and then locating my units takes too much time.  For a while I bound my reading and writing units seperately, but found that they ended up all over my desk area in different places. I wanted to organize my language arts units so that reading/writing units went together and were easy to find.

I decided to put unit 1 reading/writing together, unit 2 reading/writing together, and so on. Although I feel like I have a zillion binders...I ended up putting the units in binders! Of course I had to create some cute to look at binder covers and spines... Click on the picture below to check out these editable binder covers in my store!

Six different melonheadz covers and matching spines  to choose from and edit :)

Now I can easily grab the reading/writing units at a glance!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Ready to Go.... lesson planner done!

Feeling pretty prepared for the fall after finishing my very first lesson planner! I normally purchase one from TPT but always find that I don't need very much. I just like the basics... so I figured I better make one! I purchased a pink/gold glitter pack from Sonya DeHart a while ago for a dedication party I helped my friend with. I loved the pink & gold colors so much I knew I wanted to create something for my store. I love how it turned out!
The cover is editable... I used fun glitter letters I have for my name!

I added a quote to the back of the inside cover, then the lesson plans divider is up next!

This is the inside of the back cover... another teacher quote :)

Back cover

Lesson plans spread with days along side, editable subject headers along top

Calendars divider page

Monthly calendars July 2015-July 2016

Birthdays divider page

Keep track of student birthdays on this 2 page spread. You can add your own text boxes to type in names.... I just write mine in to make it easier!

Student checklist divider page

2 page spread to make class checklists 

Usernames and passwords divider page

I made this page front and back because I have so many!

Meeting notes divider page

Copy as many of this page as you think you'll need for those weekly staff meetings!

Because I made this planner for me, and didn't go crazy with making it 100 pages with tons of options, I made this planner very affordable. It's only $4.00 in my store! First I went through the file and wrote down how I wanted things to be copied (back to back, more than one copy, etc.)  Then I took the file and my printing notes to my local UPS store where they color copy for teachers so CHEAP.... 25¢ per copy!!!!!!!! So this whole thing cost me $11 to copy! Also, I copied the lesson plans pages in BLACK AND WHITE from my printer at work to save $$$$$$. There's no need for all of these pages to be in pretty color! Once my copies were in order and ready, I took them to a FedEx store and had it bound for uner $4. I did have the cover and back page copied on cardstock for durability. Then I laminated just those pages from home. The result is a pink/gold glittery custom planner. Click on the picture below to check it out in my store! I hope you find it's all you need to get you through the year!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Alphabet Lines

I finally got around to making an alphabet line that goes with the decor in my classroom. When I was first thinking about colors/design, I knew I had to go with polkadots! I created a chalkboard and dots version for myself and created a yellow and gray version for others. They are both posted and on sale for 50% off for the next 48 hours! Click on each picture below to check them out in my store!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Parent Volunteer Gifts!

 Every year I spend lots of time searching Pinterest for new parent volunteer gifts. This year I found an adorable, easy, and affordable gift to give. For 12 volunteers, I spent $25.00 on all of the supplies. I made Lemon Sugar Hand Scrub jars (see pictured below).

I followed the tutorial found here to make the lemon sugar scrub. This is also where I got the cute lemon sugar scrub circle tags for the tops of the jars.

Ingredients: lemons (zest), coconut oil, lemon extract, sugar, and mason jars (squatty small ones)

To personalize this gift, I created my own "helping hands" tags to attach to the jar. They are editable so you can put your name at the bottom. These tags are available in my TPT store for free here!

Try out this easy & affordable gift for your parent volunteers!