Monday, February 16, 2015

Telling Time: 5 minute interval fun!

I'm super excited that I finished this huge pack BEFORE I actually teach telling time with 5 minute intervals! It's always such a tricky concept for my students to grasp. I do math centers every Friday and wanted to create some fun games that help students practice telling time. It's 100 pages in all!

Check out the preview below to take a peek into this pack!

My class loves playing Scoot to practice different concepts. So I had to create a Scoot game for this pack. I created 3 different versions of Scoot to help differentitate this concept. The first version just has analog clocks that students must identify the digital time for. The second version is the same except it has analog clocks with 5 minute interval helpers for students who are having trouble telling time with 5 minute intervals. The third version is for students who have already mastered telling time and need a challenge. These Scoot cards have elapsed time questions to answer.

A total of 7 fun games are included in this pack:
*Time Bump
*Swat the Clock
*Scoot- 2 versions; one with interval helpers and one without
*Scoot- 3rd version is a challenge
*Clip Clocks- for independent practice
*Cuckoo Clocks

Also included in this pack:
*a clock poster labeled with the 5 minute intervals
*a clock poster divided into quarters to help with o'clock, quarter past, half-past, and quarter to
*5 minute interval circles to put around your classroom clock
*4 practice pages

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