Friday, February 20, 2015

Hundreds Chart Help!

Do you have students who just don't get how to navigate a hundreds chart? Well I sure do! That's why I created my newest on the picture to view it in my store!

Don't you just love the froggy and rabbit? They are from Pink Cat adorable! Take a look at the table of contents from this pack to see everything that's included!

The frog "hoppers" are a fun way for students to keep track of their hops on the hundreds chart. Take a look at how I made my frog hoppers...

I printed the frog hoppers page on cardstock. You can use bingo chips for this part, but I bought this bag of gems from the dollar store instead. 

I cut out the frog hoppers and hot glued them to the gems. They make a perfect little tool for students to use as they learn to navigate and take hops on the hundreds chart!

*This pack focuses on the +10 and -10 shortcut/trick on a hundreds chart 

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