Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday Made It

I'm so excited to be linking up with Tara from 4th grade frolics for Monday Made it!

I've been slowly but surely working on a project for my classroom and it's finally done!!!!!

I created a leadership classroom decor pack for my classroom to highlight the Seven Habits in a bright and bold way!

I printed everything at the UPS store (color copies are 25 cents for teachers!!! Woo hoo!!!). 

I used my awesome Scotch laminator to laminate everything Then I went out and got the following supplies to brighten everything up:
-Document frames from The Dollar Tree (8 1/2" X 11")
-TOLSBY frames from IKEA- for the "7 habits of a happy table" signs
-4 different colors of spray paint

I also used my laminator and hot glue gun for this project.

1. Pop the glass out of the frames and spray them a bright color! I threw away the glass since the posters are already laminated. This also makes the framed poster super light to hang on the wall.

2. I trimmed the posters' laminated border and popped them into the painted frames.

3. I wanted to put one more final touch on the frames so I decided on black and white polkadot ribbon. For this part I cut the ribbons to be the same size. 

4. Then I put a little hot glue in the middle of the ribbon and pinched it together so it would stick. I did this so when they are hung on the wall, the ribbon is facing polkadot side out.

5. The last step was gluing the ribbon to the back of the frame so they can be hung. I plan on displaying the finished frames in my classroom. I've thought about displaying them around my door or up high at the front of the room. I'm going to play around with it to see where they look best!

After finding Scentos markers fro 95 cents at Staples last week, I immediately thought of student birthdays...which inspired my made it #2!

Everyone knows that first graders LOVE these things so I thought why not let them choose a SCENTO of their choice on their special day?!?!?! I whipped up these little tags to attach to them... they are free in my TPT store! I'm going to print them on card stock, punch a hole in the corner, and tie them to the markers with a colorful ribbon. 

****If you print these tags, print them at 60% so they aren't so big!****

So there you have first 2 Monday made its! Link up with Tara if you'd like to share something you've made!


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

All About Me Pennant FREEBIE!

I just posted an All About Me FREEBIE to my TPT shop. 

During the first week back to school, I love having my first graders share information about themselves with their classmates. This pennant is a quick activity to help with this! Students simply fill out the pennant, color, cut out, and share with the class. YOU can string all of the student pennants together with ribbon to make an adorable banner for your classroom or hallway. I'm thinking I might print the pennants on different bright colors, then string them together in a pattern. If my first grade teammates are on board, it would look so fun to string all 4 classes in our hallway for curriculum night.

Can you do me a favor?.... if you download this freebie, leave feedback please and thank you!!

Off to bed! 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Gem Shopping!

In my classroom I use a clip chart behavior system. I found a free clip chart on Pinterest that uses the seven habits language for each color. I use glittery clothespins with student numbers on them. Students begin each week on green (I am proactive and ready to learn!). Underneath the green is yellow, followed by orange, then red. Students who remain on green all week, earn a gem on Friday. I simply use a hot glue gun to glue the gems onto the student's pencil boxes (I purchase pencil boxes for everyone at the beginning of the year). I actually refer to them as "gem boxes" with my students. These gem boxes get covered with gems and the students are so proud of them! 

Gems are a big hit in first grade with the girls AND the boys. It's amazing to see how much the kids love gem shopping. I've been doing this for 8 years now, and it's probably the easiest, cheapest, most loved reward for making good choices. I buy the gems wherever I can find them! Joann's sells a big bag of them so I use a coupon and they are very reasonable. 
Because students have to stay on green EVERY. SINGLE. DAY of the week in order to gem shop... they are very conscious of their behaviors and understand from day one that it only takes one move on the clip-chart to lose out on a gem. For some students, it only takes one mistake and they learn from it real quick! For others, gem shopping may not be as important. In these cases, individual behavior plans may be necessary. But overall, gem shopping is a big motivator and is always a big hit in my classroom.
So if you're looking for an easy little reward for making good choices, try out GEM SHOPPING!