Monday, May 19, 2014

Must Read Monday- The Looking Book

The Looking Book by P.K. Hallinan is my favorite book to break out during the introduction of my poetry unit! I start teaching poetry by having my kiddos collect "notes" on ordinary things. But there's a catch... they must look at these ordinary things in "fresh new ways." On day 1, I have the kids take notes on objects I provide. On day 2, I ask kids to bring in their own objects to take notes on. On day 3, I read "The Looking Book" and we venture outside and collect notes on things we see in the environment.

The Looking Book is about 2 brothers who just want to stay inside and play. Their mom tries to get them to go outside to play but gets resistance. So the mom decides to whip out "Lookers" to encourage the boys to get out there and explore! The "lookers" are just plain black glasses but are a novelty for the brothers. The boys go outside wearing their lookers and soon discover extraordinary things in the ordinary outside! This book has rhyming text and a wonderful message about seeing the world through fresh new eyes... perfect to jumpstart any poetry unit!

I bought 25 pairs of black glasses in the party favor aisle at Target. I simply pushed out the sunglass lenses and had a class set of "lookers' for this fun lesson! The kids look so adorable wearing their "lookers" and holding their clipboards as they see the outside world in a fresh new way!

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  1. This is amazing! I can't wait to get this book into my classroom library! Thank you for sharing.

    Searching for Teacher Balance

  2. Oh, Erin! I LOVE books like this that can be integrated so well in the classroom. I will definitely be ordering this book and getting some "lookers" for next year. :) Thanks for sharing this gem!

    Teaching Maddeness