Saturday, December 17, 2011

Gift Idea!

These post-it stands are perfect gifts to make for your fellow teacher friends. Materials needed: 4x6 acrylic frame stand from The Dollar Tree, cute scrapbook paper, ribbon, embellishments, and post-it notes.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Holiday Snowman Ornaments
They turned out too cute!

Adding the final touches!

Smiling snowmen!

Begins with a painted hand...

I saw this idea on Pinterest and decided to try it out this year with my first graders. This was an easy one day project. My kids are giving their ornaments to their families for a holiday gift.
Materials Needed: ornaments (I got mine last year for 75% off after X-mas), white acrylic paint, a paint brush, and sharpie markers.

Step 1:  paint the child's hand white with a paint brush
Step 2: have the child wrap their painted hand around the ornament
Step 3: gently push the lower part of their fingers against the ornament
Step 4: let dry (dries within an hour)
Step 5: have child add details to each finger with a sharpie (eyes, mouth, nose, hat, arms)
Step 6: let child choose a ribbon
Step 7: string ribbon through snowman tag poem (see below for download) and attach to ornament

I found several snowman poems online and decided to re-write the words to make it my own. Click here to download my re-written snowman poem to attach as a tag to the ornament with the ribbon.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Leader in...

Yes, the background on my leader board is polkadotted! This year I changed my classroom jobs board to be a leader board. I rephrased my jobs to say "leader in..."I bought the crayons and pockets at Lakeshore. I typed the kids names on labels and stuck them to the crayons. I got many of the ideas for my leadership jobs from attending a Leadership Day at Beaumont Elementary school in Waterford.

Beaumont Elementary School is recognized as a Stephen Covey Leader in Me School. As a Leader in Me School, students discover and practice a set of leadership and life skills from Stephen Covey's book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. One of the teacher's classrooms that I visited at Beaumont used a leader in board for her classroom jobs. I wrote down her leader in jobs and then adapted them to fit my clasroom. Click here to download the leader in job labels I used for my leader board.
These can be printed on Avery 2 x 4 labels.

I transformed this $5 estate sale chair into a birthday chair for my students to sit in on their birthdays. Thank you to my husband for the fun title "My Rockin B-Day!"

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Polkadot Crate Seats

After seeing a TON of these crate seats on Pinterest, I knew I had to have  some for my classroom! My amazing mom got busy buying up crates, getting the wood, and all of the other materials for this classroom project!  I knew the fabric HAD to be polkadots! My first graders LOVE reading around the room on these crate seats. I love to store pillows inside the crates for "free choice" readers during our workshop. What can I say.... I love Pinterest and my mom!

Pink crate seats!

Green crate seats!

Crate seat corner. I actually ended up selling the 2 green ones to some of my teacher friends, so those are not in my classroom anymore.

Blue polkadot crate made for my friend! :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My first polkadot post

I wanted my first post to explain a little bit about my blog title, projects and polkadots. Yes, I do love polkadots! Here's the newest addition to my classroom this year! I've always wanted a couch in my classroom for my first graders to curl up on with their books. I was so fortunate last year to participate in a lab classroom experience through Oakland Schools. I gained so much from opening up my classroom; new teacher friends, new ideas, and a deeper understanding of myself as a teacher.  My classroom was opened up four times to teachers from near-by districts. I earned some extra money through this experience and this red and white polkadotted couch is what I went out and bought! My first graders absolutely love reading here! It's from IKEA, comes in different colors/patterns, and was affordable. Check out the link here to view the Klippan loveseat from IKEA in Dottevik Red!